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GILL | Short Film

A headstrong scientist bickers with her only lifeline while test piloting a malfunctioning teleportation suit.
"The film shines with strong production values, satire and suspense, and a typically charismatic performance from Caitlin Wells." - Indy Week
"Watching Gill, in a way, is like watching a magic show. Sure you can sit intently and try to figure out how the effects were done. At some point though, you need to sit back and enjoy the show." - FilmThreat
"Along with the project’s extraordinary overall production, compelling story, tense pacing, and subtle social commentary on gender power dynamics, (Wells) performance is the key ingredient that makes GILL a gripping and mesmerizing watch." - The 7th Matrix
Producer, Writer, and Director: Kieran Moreira
Starring: Caitlin Wells & Lazarus Simmons
Runtime: 8:57


Nothing about the making of Gill was easy. Between an unexpected snow storm in Grandfather Mountain that almost shut down production, the lengthy visual effects process through post, and its shoestring budget, Gill has taken two years to produce.


The short film was conceived in early fall 2016 as a way for Kieran Moreira to try to tell a compelling story, while showcasing the various landscapes of his home state.


Moreira’s core ragtag crew, including actress Caitlin Wells (Gill), Paul Frateschi (DP), Ryan Hamlin (AC, Grip), and Aaron Bittikofer (Sound), traversed from the Outer Banks to the Appalachian mountains in December 2016.  They shot for five non-consecutive days, working closely with the state’s parks departments, gaining access to Jockey’s Ridge in Nags Head, Occoneechee State Park, Grandfather Mountain State Park, and the NC Aquarium in Roanoke.


Gill’s suit was designed and constructed by Jeff Hamrick (Big Bad Props) under a tight budget. Brilliantly crafted, it was put through the wringer with some of the extreme filming environments; suffered the wear of mountainous rocks, snow, and sand. At one point, Moreira had to chase down a piece of the suit that blew right off Wells on top of a windy sand dune at Jockey’s Ridge during filming.


Moreira partnered with Derick Childress (Mesh Design) to consult and lead all the VFX work for the teleportation effects. He tapped friend and developer Carl Licata to create a futuristic but believable coding language and pulled in animator Jingky Gilbert to help visualize it on screen. Moreira also enlisted the help of composer, Adam Robert Galloway, who worked on Moreira’s first short film, The Weaver (2012).  


This film would not have been possible without the support from the state’s park departments, Kevin Wild of Drawbridge Media, as well as the many dedicated volunteers who donated their time and talents to creating this story.

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