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A misfit band of girl scouts faces off with a hardened criminal while trying to hustle enough cookies to get to the Jamboree.



Release Date: Winter 2019


Writer & Director: N.C. Jones

Producer & Editor: Kieran Moreira

Runtime: 6:00

Starring: Eowyn Blum, Lilyanna Paige, Thai Toben,

Kayla Scott, Estes Tarver, Germain Choffart


Merit Badges is a story for anyone who’s ever felt small in a hostile, scary world and finding it within yourself to create your own opportunities.

The story was born out of Writer/Director N.C. Jones’ desire to do a short, engaging and funny story after working on several challenging and dramatic feature film scripts. Jones set out to apply her storytelling craft and experience as a female filmmaker to make a film for her 8 year-old self, to encourage her boldness and to temper her patience. It is a message that Jones hopes to share with every misfit girl out there.

Produced by Negative Split Films and the Limerance Bureau and a team of dedicated volunteers and showcasing a fantastic cast and exceptional crew that the Raleigh-Durham filmmaking community should be well-known for, Merit Badges was filmed in Raleigh, NC in the Spring of 2018. 




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